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The mind is an amazing thing! We, as humans, can be really resourceful when it comes to finding new, creative ways of using that power to hold ourselves back and get in our own way! 

Imagine how much easier and more enjoyable life would be using that power to move forward instead and achieve great things.

YOU are the biggest obstacle to your own success (whatever that success looks like to you). Take the next step to a better future today.

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Duncan Price
hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and mindset coach

For over 15 years Duncan has helped people to achieve their potential, initially focusing on fears and phobias, stress and confidence. In that time he has discovered a passion for helping people turn their anxiety around and learn to succeed ‘with’ it rather than against it.

He believes that a proactive approach to mental health and self care should be considered as vital (if not more so) than physical health and is on a personal mission to encourage this change of perspective and eliminate the stigma of mental ill health. That’s what led to the creation of Relax Club, to make self care easier and more accessible for all. 

Areas Of Expertise

If you know that you’re not content with accepting the way things are but you don’t know what you do want, don’t know how to make it a reality or you just keep getting in your own way, then you’re in the right place.

Duncan’s unique approach allows for effective and lasting change for many challenges including…

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Corona Survival Guide

These uncertain times can cause a lot of worry and anxiety. This free e-book contains 9 pages of tips and advice to help you and those you care about to find the positives in this situation and to stay calm and well mentally and emotionally