Affiliate Terms & Conditions


How does being a Relax Club affiliate work? 

The following terms apply to anyone upon signing up as a Relax Club affiliate.
When a new user becomes a paid member of Relax Club directly as a referral from an affiliate the affiliate will receive 50% of the new user’s first month’s subscription.

– This applies only to the new user’s first payment
– This applies only to new users to the site
– Payments will be made around 15 days after the payment is processed and no longer than 20 days
– We reserve the right to revoke this agreement at any time.
– New users using other offers (such as coupons etc) may invalidate the referral
– All payments are made at the discretion of Mind Affinity to show appreciation for sharing this site with others
– Mind Affinity takes no responsibility for how users choose to promote the platform but we strongly encourage you to act with integrity and within the values of Mind Affinity
– Affiliates agree to not knowingly share any false claims about Relax Club and be open about the benefits they get from this referral scheme.
– Mind Affinity is not responsible for, and may not share, the views, opinions or information shared by referral partners
– Users are asked to communicate promptly and directly if encountering any issues with the referral system. We will make every reasonable effort to resolve any issues promptly.

All users, new and existing, including referral partners agree to the general site terms and conditions which can be found here: Terms and Conditions