The way people think about Anxiety often causes greater problems than the anxiety itself.

I’ve been helping people to stop battling with anxiety and start succeeding with it instead for many years now and I still keep hearing tales of people beating themselves up and blaming them selves for struggling with anxiety. I often start by pointing out that if they are responsible for creating it then they must also have the power to change it. 

A common ‘journey’ I hear from clients is that they have “always” struggled with Anxiety (or have for a long time). That ‘something’ then happened which exacerbated the situation and they finally reach out for help. Often they go to their GP and get referred for 6 sessions of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help them understand it.

It works – they understand it better. They often don’t actually find any way to change it though. See, if you have Anxiety you are likely relatively intelligent. After all, how can you ‘overthink’ everything if you’re not good at thinking to begin with? The problem often follows that these people have now gone from ‘overthinking’ to being taught how to think about it more and now wonder why they now understand it better but still “can’t change it”.

The Mind Affinity approach to anxiety turns this around completely. it’s been described as:

“way more effective than CBT and much more fun too”

I could explain this in much more detail but it works much better if I can tailor the explanation to suit you and help you to ask yourself the right questions. Book a free call with me now, I’d love to help you to understand yourself a little better.

Remember, Nobody ever beat themselves up into not beating themselves up.


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