How to Remember Names
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Why Do I Struggle To Learn Names?

“I’m great with faces but terrible at remembering names.”

Does that sound familiar? I bet you’ve said something like that before. If you have you’re not alone. Most people would love to be better at remembering names. With this being such a common problem you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was really difficult to fix but that doesn’t have to be the case.  Read on to find out more…

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Thank You – Not Sorry

Which do you say more, “Thank you” or “sorry”? Take a moment to think about that. If you say ‘thank you’ more, then this blog post is not for you. But I like you so

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What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis sometimes seem shrouded in mystery. From hypnosis for entertainment to hypnotherapy it has a range of uses but has often been portrayed as way of controlling people. That’s not an entirely accurate way of looking at it, read on to find out what hypnosis really can be…

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things stopping you sleeping

6 Things you didn’t know stop you sleeping

There are many things about modern busy lifestyles that can negatively impact on sleep but in this article, I’m going to cover some of the less-commonly discussed obstacles that may be stopping you from sleeping which you may not even have considered.

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Why Does Sleep Matter?

Sleep matters. You probably already know that it does but you may not realise just how much it can impact on other areas of your life, here’s why it matters.

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Why I Love Failure

Do you fear failure? you’re not alone if you do. I used to let a fear of failure get in my way a LOT. I’ve learnt to love failure instead, here’s how…

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How Do I Change My Life?

Change is a personal thing and we are all different but whether it’s a small change to your daily habits or a complete overhaul of your life situation, these 6.5 steps will help you to create and maintain positive change for YOU.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder

Do you find yourself experiencing lower mood and struggling with motivation during the darker months? You’re not alone! It could be seasonal affective disorder or just low mood influenced by the weather and shorter days. Either way hypnotherapy can be a powerful intervention as can the other tips that follow…

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Spooking image

What Can Horror Films Teach Us About Anxiety?

Do you like scary movies? Have you ever considered that they could actually help you manage and reduce anxiety? Like them or not, there’s some great lessons we can learn from how we respond to them. Read on to find out more…

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Are you procrastinating sleep?

How To Overcome Sleep Procrastination

Looking to overcome sleep procrastination?
You’ve done it too, right? Stayed up to watch “just one more” episode on Netflix or just one more game on your phone and before you know it – it’s the early hours and you’re dragging yourself wirily to bed, already regretting your choices?

You’re not alone – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Why positive language is important

Don’t Pay Attention To This Title!

The language you use matters!

If somebody else spoke to you the way you speak to yourself – How would you feel about that person?

If you wouldn’t like someone else speaking to you that way, why do you speak to yourself that way?

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Company History

Mind Affinity - the beginning

  • Duncan worked in a range of roles including a coaching role for Tesco head office while running his own business as a hypnotherapist and coach.
  • In 2017 Duncan realised it was time to follow his own advice and take the leap to live the life he wanted and spend his time helping others to empower themselves.
  • Mind Affinity was founded running self hypnosis training and individual therapy.
  • Services have grown to include public speaking, corporate services, Relax Club and more…

The Relax club Story

  • Mental wellbeing deserves the same attention as physical health so I wanted to make it easy to look after yourself proactively.
  • Relax Club initially started life in-person as a regular weekly group relaxation session for existing Mind Affinity clients and friends.
  • Covid-19 meant that easy self care and relaxation were needed more than ever and in-person was not a practical option.
  • Relax Club online was born. With weekly live sessions.
  • Feb 2021 The new website launched specifically to allow Relax club to grow with new additional resources, incentives and rewards, and more…

The Corporate Journey

  • Working in corporate leadership, training and coaching roles Duncan has experienced, first hand, how much difference staff mindset and wellbeing make to the results of a business.
  • He is passionate in helping people to realise their own strengths, achieve more and feel better doing it.
  • The workplace has a huge impact on personal wellbeing. Duncan believes that impact should be a positive one.
  • Companies have the opportunity to improve their results and efficiency by investing in their staff. The staff get to improve their mental health with support and encouragement. Duncan gets to help more people and share his message of personal empowerment. Everyone wins!