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Chill Out! – How to trick your mind into feeling cooler.

Wow, it’s hot!

We British love to complain about the weather. Too hot, too cold, too wet. Personally I believe that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. The exception to that is the heat, there are only so many layers you can remove in civilised company. What do you do when it’s too hot and there are no layers left to remove? Here are a few ideas on how you can trick yourself cooler:

1) Chew gum.
The scent of mint activates receptors which also detect cold (specifically TRPM8 if you want to look it up.) The signal the receptor sends can’t be easily distinguished and therefore your brain interprets the sensation as cooling. Or to put it another way: eating mints, chewing gum & brushing your teeth can make you feel cooler.

2) Cool the right bits.
Unless you’re lucky enough to work with a walk-in fridge, it’s unlikely that you will be able to cool your whole body in this heat. Use cold, wet cloths or ice packs to cool the most important areas:WRISTS – because the blood travels fast and is close to the surface through the wrists. If you cool the blood at this point it will quickly travel around to cool the rest of the body.HEAD – because you store a lot of your heat in your head if you cool your head you cool your body. To help you sleep consider chilling your pillow in the fridge for a while before bed – sounds odd but feels so nice on a hot night.

3) Have a hot shower.
This may not sound all that appealing but it will help to reset your homeostasis (body’s equilibrium). Coming out of a hot shower will help you appreciate the ambient temperature as though it was cooler. 4) Wear Blue.Looking at cool shades of blue will make you feel cooler so why not wrap yourself in the right shades so you can look ‘cool’? It is also suggested that blue is the best colour for reflecting the U.V. wavelength thus reducing the heat absorbed by your clothing.

5) Cut down on sugar.
Poor sugar, it’s the bad guy in so many stories and this one is no different. Your liver and pancreas heat up significantly when digesting processed sugar. Reduce your sugar intake and reduce your temperature.

If you are struggling to sleep because of the heat (or in general) – get your free ‘Sleep Well’ guide here: Let me know how these ideas work for you and share your tips to staying cool in the comments below.

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