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Social media isn’t always as inclusive and welcoming as we might hope. The Empower Yourself & Others private Facebook group is a refreshing change to that. A place where you can be accepted as yourself and find support and tips on mindset and positive mental health.

How To Get Here

You can find Mind Affinity in the beautiful grounds of the Alscot estate, near Stratford-Upon-Avon. Park round the back and you will see a large black door and an external black spiral staircase. Press the button labeled ‘Mind Affinity’ or call me on 07840829758.

Mind Affinity
York Terrace,
Atherstone Hill,
Atherstone on Stour,
CV37 8NF

Friends of Mind Affinity

There are a number of great businesses that contribute to the growth of Mind Affinity. With the support of the extended team I am free to focus more time and energy on helping people and doing what I love.

Looks after the numbers so that Duncan can focus on the words. James provides accountancy services so small business owners know their numbers and can concentrate on growing their businesses.

Zoe works with creative business owners who have lost their love and energy for their business and are feeling stuck to reconnect to their joy and bring it back to the core of what they do.


SC23 - Creative Design

doodles and colours in

The Proof Fairy - Proof Reading

Alison AKA The Proof Fairy does proofreading and copywriting, and helps authors to write and self-publish books.

Silicon Bullet - Bookkeeping Support

Alison supports business owners and bookkeepers to improve their use of Xero and Sage accounts and payroll software so they reduce their accounts costs and know their numbers.

Dan Blackwell - Producer

Dan is the producer behind some of the Mind Affinity audio tracks. He’s a great guy to work with and has some amazing creative ideas.

MyOsteo - Back Pain and Sports Injuries

Looking after my physical wellness so I can help others look after their mental wellness.

Grow Live 2021- Development Event

Grow your business, Grow your community, Grow Yourself.
I’m looking forward to being a host at Grow Live 2021.

The Guitar Ninja - Online Guitar Mastery

Watch my brother finger and pluck away all day long…

Spaghetti Agency - Online Marketing and Networking

Spaghetti Agency offer digital marketing training and services. They also have a Facebook group which is great for business owners looking for marketing advice and informal networking.