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Inspired Staff Create Inspiring Results

There is now greater focus on wellbeing in the workplace than ever before and that’s a good thing.

Many companies have invested in mental health first aid training and that’s great but at Mind Affinity we believe in being pro-active in looking after your staff.

Whether that’s empowering staff to help themselves with a corporate Relax Club membership, guidance with a Workplace Wellbeing Assessment or through a bespoke Workplace Wellbeing package, Mind Affinity is here to help and to make it easy for your company and staff.

Mental Health Impact In Numbers:

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UK businesses could save with better mental health support
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UK businesses could save with better mental health support
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Days lost due to work-related stress, anxiety and depression
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People affected by common mental health disorders

Why Choose a Workplace Wellbeing Assessment?

We start our relationship with a confidential workplace assessment. You will receive a detailed report and simple breakdown with advice on potential improvements, from quick-win actions to ongoing support.

You will also get a Workplace Wellbeing score to display proudly or to use as a baseline to show ongoing improvements, ensuring your company is a great place to work.

From there it’s up to you to decide what level of involvement you would like us to have going forward.

That could include regular mindset coaching for staff and managers to maximise results, workshops and training on stress-management, leadership skills training or simply a re-assessment down the line so that you can demonstrate, on paper, the improvements you have made.

There is a legal obligation to look after staff's psychological wellbeing

When considering physical safety in the workplace we turn to risk assessments and look at how we can reduce the risk BEFORE there’s a problem. With a Workplace Wellbeing Assessment from Mind Affinity you can now be proactive with your staff’s mental and emotional health too, increasing productivity.

If your employees feel well looked after and valued at work you will get a lot more out of them.

Why Choose Relax Club?

Relax Club is an online platform for self care, making it easy to work on personal mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Relax Club members report feeling happier, calmer and more focused as well as sleeping better and achieving more. It’s a valuable and accessible way for people to look after themselves better, taking the pressure off the employer and encouraging staff to be proactive for themselves.

“A valuable employee benefit that helps the company and staff grow.”


Benefits of Working with Mind Affinity

One of the biggest expenses for most businesses is staffing costs. You want to make sure you are getting the best return you can get on that investment. Here’s how we can help you achieve that and get that figure under PAR:


Studies show that happier staff are more productive – 13% more productive according to Oxford University’s Saïd Business School.


Absence has a huge impact on the workplace, both fiscally and in terms of time management. Staff that feel valued are less likely to have ‘unjustified’ absence. 14.3 million days were lost from workplaces last year due to mental mental health illness.


Recruitment and training of new starters can be expensive and impacts further on productivity. People commonly leave a job due to feeling under-valued.

Workplaces have a duty of care to look after their staff’s psychological health. Failure to do so could result in very costly legal action.


Book Your Workplace Assessment Today

It is not your job to make everyone happy!
It is your responsibility to create the best environment for them to look after their own wellbeing. This in turn will bring the above benefits to your business. That’s where we can help. We will come in and complete a Workplace Wellbeing Assessment. We will complete a report including a score and some guidelines on how you can improve. This is likely to include some quick-win, actionable steps and some advice on some larger changes that can be made.