Creating Confident Live Content

For some people it can be daunting to broadcast live on facebook, or anywhere else for that matter. In this blog post I will offer you some hints and tips to increase your confidence for creating live video content.

Of course, I have also delivered this as a live video. If you prefer you can watch a version of it here:

Watch the replay of me delivering this topic as a live video.

The best advice I can give you is:


By completing your first live video you will realise how easy it really is. Many people feel a huge sense of achievement and empowerment when they look back and see what they have achieved by facing that fear. “I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner” is a really common response.Of course, the more you practice, the easier it will become. Each time you share a live video you will feel more comfortable and more confident until you almost forget that you ever felt any different about it. If that’s all you needed to hear then skip to the challenge at the end of this blog and GO LIVE!

Still reading? O.k. Maybe you need a little more help. Here’s some further thoughts about live video to challenge how you think about it:

Everyone feels that way

At some point in life and/or business, everyone has felt the same way. It is natural for humans to judge themselves more harshly that they judge others. The good news is: No one cares! – That is to say, people will accept you more readily than you will accept yourself. You may be your own biggest critic but the people watching you will have chosen to watch you so they are already more on your side than you are. People are generally too busy thinking about their own priorities to even notice (let alone question) how nervous you are.

Nerves are a good thing

Feeling nervous before Public speaking is a completely natural thing. That nervous response encourages greater focus. When we channel that nervous energy effectively it allows us to think faster and keeps us ‘on the ball’. Struggle to focus that energy in a positive way? Keep reading, I can help you with that too.

Plan it – but not too much

The idea here is to plan a basic outline, the key points you want to get across. If you write a script out and try to follow it word for word it’s more likely to distract you (and therefore your viewers) from your message. Jot down the key points – maybe have them above or below the camera on post-it notes (other sticky notes also available). This will allow you to flow and speak more naturally while still having a prompt to refer to so you know what to say next. As part of the planning process you may wish to rehearse what you plan to say. It’s not vital but some people find that practicing with the camera off makes it even easier to do it with the camera on. That’s it! That’s the planning and preparation done. All that’s left is to get out there and DO IT!

Still reading?

Either you’re really enjoying reading my blog or you are still not quite as comfortable as you want to be. Maybe it’s both… The next part talks about what you can do during your live presentation.You should only read on if you promise yourself that afterwards you will GO LIVE!

Slow down

Nerves have a tendency to make people speed up unnecessarily. So by slowing your speech down you will naturally slow your thoughts down, this will lead to feeling calmer. As a beneficial side effect it will make your presentation more enjoyable and easier to listen to. Spaces and pauses allow your viewers to process the information you have offered and make you seem (and feel) more confident.Another benefit to slowing down and adding in pauses is that it gives you more time. More time to think and more time to focus. This allows you to think about what you are going to say next. Leave that time, which is shorter than it feels, to calmly think about what you want to say next. You don’t need to fill the space with unnecessary sounds. (So, umm, like etc). there are 2 really simple and natural things you can do that will help you to slow down.

BREATHE – Taking deeper breaths allows you to have more time for you thoughts while also relaxing and calming you more.

DRINK – Have a glass of water available. If you begin to feel less calm that you would like, take a drink. It’s a great way to slow yourself and calm yourself down so that you can regain focus.


That’s it, It really is that easy. All that’s left to do now is refer you back to point 1


Not sure what to say? Just complete this challenge:

Mind Affinity Live CHALLENGE

My challenge to you is simply to share a live video. Create your own content or if you can’t decide what to say:

Just introduce yourself and explain that you are doing the live video as a challenge from Mind Affinity to help you boost your confidence. Tell us: who you are, what you do, why you are going live and of course I would love it if you say hello and give me a shout out on your video! Why not tag me @MindAffinity on facebook. I would love to see your results! If you ask really nicely I may even be willing to give you some free pointers on how you can make it EVEN BETTER!

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Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you again soon.Want to learn more about what Mind Affinity can do for you? Feel like there is still a barrier holding you back? If the advice here is not enough, we can help you further. Why not arrange a free consultation to see how we can work with you?

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