You've missed the live event!
but you can catch the replays below...

NOTE: This event is only available to Usborne organisers who were active in April, If you are unsure if you qualify please ask your up-line.
This event has been arranged on behalf of Athena, Bookworms, & Epic Executives and Bee Division.

What is it?

Loving Life UNLOCKED is a live 90 minute event designed to help you EMPOWER YOURSELF to embrace and LOVE LIFE post lockdown.

As the country begins to unlock what better time to UNLOCK your POTENTIAL?

Through this interactive session I will help you to feel more confident about getting back out there socially and in business post-lockdown. But that’s not enough! I don’t just want to show you how to cope and get back to living life. I want to empower you to start LOVING LIFE!

Who’s with me‽

Here is the recording of part one and a summary of the key content from part 2.