Words have been used for centuries to cast powerful spells on ourselves and others. Would you like to know how you can harness that power without witchcraft?

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The Power Of Words 

It’s long been understood that words have the power to shape reality. From ancient pagan traditions to the eerie world of Voodoo, words have been used to cast spells. But it’s not some dark art lost and forgotten in the depths of history. Words are still being used to shape your reality every single day. That beautifully written prose that transports you to a different world right through to the art of persuasive advertising copy.

The words you are reading right now could nudge you to think about something in a different way, and if they do – who knows what that small change could lead to over time.

So why allow everyone else to hold that power over you? Imagine how different your life could be if you were to start to make conscious decisions about which spells you accept and which you reject.

The Spells That hold You Back

You cast spells that shape your reality all the time but there are no spells more powerful than those you are casting on yourself over and over again. 

Think about the phrases you repeat and the words that you when ‘speaking’ to yourself. Do you use language to beat yourself up and hold yourself back? Naturally, the language we use can have a very different impact on the subconscious than we may intend.  Your words may be leaving you spellbound and blocked from taking action and seeing the opportunities available to you.

Examples of common spells that people cast which hold them back come in the form of negative suggestions and limiting beliefs. Every time you tell yourself that you’re not good enough. Every time you repeat the words “I’m so stupid”. Every time you verbally beat yourself up, you’re just repeating the spells that you’ve been reciting for too long already. Giving them more energy and making the spell stronger.

Take a moment now to think about the spells you commonly cast on yourself and reflect on the wording you use. Write a few down now ready to refer back to later.

Examples: “I always give up when things get tough.”,  “I’m so forgetful.”, 

Your Spells, Your Way.

It’s not the words themselves that change our reality. It’s the impact they have on us which leads us to experience reality differently. Words about reflecting on childhood will evoke wonderful, carefree feelings for many where for others it can bring back memories of a traumatic upbringing. This is why it can be so powerful to learn how to craft the right spells for yourself rather than just learning a new spell from a book or blog.

I could give you a list of ‘affirmations’ (a popular modern use of magic words and spells) for you to repeat to yourself in a mirror every day. Sure, they could be helpful. They will almost definitely be better than spending that time focusing on the negative words some people may often use instead. But – they would be my words, with my meaning and my interpretation. Not yours.

As a hypnotherapist, I’m carful to find the words that work right for the client as an individual. I don’t just use a generic ‘script’ that’s one-size-fits-all. A simple example would be a client that has a negative association with ‘routine’ (after all, routine is boring and restrictive, right?), maybe they would prefer to view it a little differently,. Changing the focus to creating “positive patterns” may make the process feel completely different due to the different interpretations, beliefs and feelings that those words evoke.

Casting Better Spells

There are some simple ways to improve the spells you cast on yourself and those around you. As mentioned above, it’s about finding what works for you but here are some simple and important considerations when creating your own spells. At the end of each of these suggestions I’ll give examples based on developing the examples from above. You may like to take 

Say what you want

So often our language focuses on running away from something rather that running toward something. “I don’t want to feel X”, “I wish I could stop Y”, “I must stop doing Z.” These are all fairly common ways that people answer me when I ask them what they would like to gain from working with me as a therapist.

Turning that language around so that it’s focused instead on what they DO want can be surprisingly powerful in itself. When you find yourself focusing on what you don’t want, mechanically replace that with wording focused on what you DO want and over time your default mindset will shift more and more toward focusing on what you can achieve and, naturally how to get there will be more likely to follow.


“I always give up when things get tough.” Becomes “I want to see things through.” Or “I want to embrace the challenges when things don’t go right first time.” 

“I’m so forgetful.” Becomes “I want to improve my memory” or “I want to be better at remembering things.”

Make It Happen NOW

Often, when we do have the right focus, we still use language that makes the makes the spell less effective – or possibly even more of a hindrance. We often talk about what we want as something we would like to experience in the future. Although this is not wrong on a subconscious level, this is like making it a job for your future self rather than something you can act upon right now.

“I want to be healthier” is not as good as “I will be healthier” but better still “I am choosing to be healthier” makes it far more real.

You may have noticed that the this example is also progressive. It’s not just about being better, it’s also about continuing to improve. This gives the statement even more of a positive and ongoing impact.


“I want to see things through.” Becomes “I am seeing things through”

“I want to embrace the challenges when things don’t go right first time.”  Becomes “I embrace the challenges…”

“I want to improve my memory” becomes I am improving my memory or “I am focused on getting better at remembering things.”

Put It Into Practice

Look at the examples you thought about above (at the end of the ’Spells That Hold You Back’ section). For each spell, re-write it to make it positive and present tense – bonus points if it’s also progressive.

Which of these spells stand out to you most? Which do you need more of in your life?

Create a routine of repeating them to yourself. This could be as an affirmation every morning or in response to situations where you would previously have cast the negative spell.

It may feel forced and mechanical at first. Like when you lear to drive. To start with you need to think about every gear change, what your foot is going, where your hands are, where to move the gear stick to, etc. Once you get more comfortable you have muscle memory of how to change gear but you still need to be aware of when to change it. Eventually (after around 3000 repetitions) it becomes fully embodied and you change gear without even realising that you have done so.

Repeat these and they will become more powerful and more natural. Keep going and they will become an intrinsic part of who you are.

Taking It Further

The next step from here if you want to really unleash the amazing power of your own mind is to learn more about the subconscious and how to program it to work for you. Check out the details of the next Mind Affinity Self Hypnosis training here.

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