Monthly LIVE conversations about human behaviour, the mind and a whole lot more.

Just two blokes fascinated by human behaviour keen to share their knowledge, experience and passion of the mind.

Duncan Price

“Like CBT but more effective and way more FUN!”

Duncan Price is a therapist and coach who specialises in helping people to empower themselves. Using a positive change-focused approach he helps people to take what they believe to be holding them back and guides them to stop fighting it and start using it to move them forward instead.

Duncan’s 15+ years of experience working working with individuals and groups has made it clear that we are all individuals and no two people think the same. That said, we are also all human so we are open to the same influences if they are presented in the right way.

Paul Newton

“The motivational speaker who will steal your sh1t”

Paul Newton, under the brand MentalTheft has become the biggest voice for cybersecurity in the UK, and even has a global reach. As a charismatic and exciting entertainer, Paul wow’s and captivates audiences, all whilst educating them on the issues of scams, theft and cyber security.

Paul’s experience of understanding and influencing human behaviour allows him to share some great insights into the mind, how we think and some of the pitfalls that come with being human.

Exploring how and why people act the way we do and what YOU can do to change it.

Duncan and Paul are honoured to have this opportunity to come together to provide insights, ideas and advice on the mind, human behaviour and more. They believe that every single person has the power and potential to live the life they choose they just may not realise it or know how.

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