Relax Club

Self Care, Made Easy

Looking after yourself is more important now than ever. To look after physical health people tend to focus on consuming good things and increasing exercise. Looking after your mental and emotional wellbeing is similar. Relax Club makes it easier to consume good things mentally as well as building up your ability to look after yourself through hypnosis and relaxation.

“It’s like yoga for the mind.”

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what's Included?

  • Weekly LIVE relaxation event 
  • On-demand access to back catalogue
  • Additional pre-recorded tracks
  • Exclusive offers for Mind Affinity services
  • Unlock achievements and earn rewards for looking after yourself more!

What's stopping you from taking the time to look after yourself better?

For some it’s because the don’t know how. These guided sessions with an expert hypnotherapist make it easy – just tune in!

For some it’s just that they don’t get round to it. Weekly live events at a set time mean it easily becomes part of your weekly routine.

Unlock achievements and earn rewards for looking after yourself more!

Benefits of the relax club

Reduce Stress

Stress isn’t always bad but managing it well and taking time to relax is vital for your wellbeing.

Improve Sleep

Hypnosis is great for improving sleep.
Relax Club also includes easy tracks to fall asleep to.

Enhance Focus

Regular meditation/hypnosis improves focus and does better quality sleep. Join now before you get distracted…

Gain Positivity

People are more positive when well rested
Hypnosis improves positivity on a subconscious level.

Achieve More

Imagine how much more you could achieve if well rested and calm, more focused and optimistic with greater belief in yourself. 

Increase Energy

Short tracks for that instant boost when you need it and live sessions to help you recharge through the week, a great way of increasing your energy levels.

Get Started Today!

Listen back to the weekly sessions at a time that suits you. It’s like a subscription service for your mind.