Relax Club

Self Care, Made Easy

You know you need to get better sleep, but you don’t know how

You have been tired for so long you’re not even sure ‘good sleep’ exists.

If you had one hour extra a day, you’d sleep – after you’d sent that email or done that chore.

Sound familiar?  Then Relax Club is the place for you.

Or maybe it’s not sleep you’re after? Maybe you’re here for the tracks that help you focus, wake you up or help you boost your positivity, confidence and motivation? Join now to discover how Relax Club can help with all that and more…

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“Relax Club was so refreshing. I woke up rested and feeling so much less stressed.”

What Is Relax Club?

Relax Club is like a Yoga Studio, but for your mind. It’s that place you come to when you know you need to take some time out and relax, but you just don’t know where to start.

It’s the place you can come to when you’ve been trying to fall asleep for two hours and you’ve counted every single sheep.

It’s the place you come to after a busy day when you just need a few minutes to decompress before the evening festivities start.

What's stopping you from taking the time to look after yourself better?

“Relax Club is just like the comfort blanket or teddy you had as a child. Without it you just can’t sleep or settle when things are not quite right. It is a like a comforting hug that lives in the background that you know is always there when you need it – stressfully day? Need to focus? can’t sleep? need 5 mins to release? There is always something in the archives to help with that.”

Benefits of relax club

  • Reduce day to day stress

  • Improve your sleep

  • Enhance your focus 

  • Gain a more positive outlook

  • Become more productive

  • Increase energy levels

“I had a tough afternoon and didn’t feel great, but I feel so much better now. Thanks”

What Do I Get With My Membership?

Weekly LIVE relaxation events with Duncan Price and other guest speakers

On-demand access to the back catalogue of audio tracks and resources

Additional pre-recorded tracks

Exclusive offers for Mind Affinity services

Unlock achievements and earn rewards for looking after yourself

Join an affiliate scheme when you recommend Relax Club to friends

“Amazing!!! It’s incredible. I’ll definitely be carrying on with it.”

How Do I Join?

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