A FREE Webinar With Duncan Price

Imagine how different your life could be if you woke up every day feeling well rested and refreshed.

In this sleep webinar you will learn some simple ways to:

  • Get to sleep more easily
  • Enjoy undisturbed sleep
  • Wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed
  • Embrace a more natural sleep cycle
  • Feel better each day

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Improved sleep has been shown to offer many benefits including: 

Better focus
Better mood
More energy
More positivity
Greater creativity
Reduced stress levels
Increased energy levels
Increased mental resilience
Improved personal relationships
Improved mental and physical health
And many more benefits

Sleep like a child

Sleeping well is so natural to us, even a child can do it...

Yet 73% of adults in the UK struggle to sleep well. (possibly even more since the increased disruption of working from home).

So why is it so hard to sleep well?

There could be a whole number of reasons for you personally but most of it comes down to stress, lifestyle, habit or environment.

This webinar will cover all of those elements and how to either improve them or, at least, not allow them to have such an impact on your sleep.

What To Expect

    When you register below you’ll get instant access to the replay of the webinar as well as other benefits, including:
  • E-BOOK
    You’ll also get a free copy of ‘Sleep Well’ – a Mind Affinity e-book full of tips to support the webinar.
    You’ll get access to Relax Club at as discounted rate when you register.
    Including a ‘bedroom sleep audit’ and 7 Simple Steps To Better Sleep.

Are You Going To Sell To Me?

Yes, kinda. The webinar is 100% free as is the sleep guide. Both contain loads of valuable and well-researched advice on improving your sleep. For many people that is all they will need to start sleeping better and feeling better. If I just help one person to enjoy better sleep then I’ll be happy.

I offer services that make it even easier to sleep better. I will promote Relax Club on the webinar for those who are interested in it and would like some additional support. I promise to be completely upfront about that and focus my energy and time on offering the best value and support within the webinar and the Q&A session.

No one wants to sit and listen to someone’s sales pitch, so I’ll keep that bit brief to make time for the real content.

Who Is Duncan Price?

Hi, That’s me!

I’ve been a therapist and coach for 15 years now. In that time I’ve found that so much of what I focus on (stress, anxiety, confidence) are all impacted by (and impact on) sleep. Having regular, quality sleep makes it so much easier to deal with other challenges in life. I started to focus on sleep to support existing clients and quickly found that there was a lot of misunderstanding about sleep and so many SIMPLE things that people can do to improve it.

I now love to share that information with people in the hope that I can improve the relationship people have with sleep and in turn, help to improve mental and physical health and wellbeing.

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